connect VU+ duo to computer running Linux with gnome Desktop

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How to connect VU+ duo to computer running Linux with gnome Desktop.

” Havent been able to do the same with KDE yet, If anyone can post similar for KDE it would be great.

I used this method with Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. This assumes that you don’t know the IP address of the VU+. I connected the box to computer with cat5 cable. No router or switch in between. Im using Vix 1.2 image.

1.Right click the network icon on the top panel
2.In the Wired tab, highlight Auto eth0 and click edit
3.Tick connect automatically and available to all users
4.Go to the ipv4 tab go to the drop down list and choose Shared to other Computers
5.Click apply

Should be connected now.

Right click the network icon again and go to connection information. In auto eth0 tab you see the details of the connection to the VU+. On this page you can get the IP address of the box. Take a note of it.

Open Naulius
Go to Network in the places menu
Double click the Windows Network icon, then the VUPLUS icon , then the BM 750 icon.

Now you can see icons for your harddisk and also an icon called “Configuration”. This gets into certain folders in the box. I assume it is restricted to folders which can contain config files as opposed to system folders which arent supposed to be touched. I was able to search for and copy out my bouquet settings. Most of such files can be opened with gedit.I also dragged and dropped a test file into the box.

Check telnet: Open terminal and telnet IP address of box to check its working. Worked for me.

Open firefox./opera

Type IP address of box into address bar. Can access webTV interface and other info here. ”

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