HOW TO : Create an AZBox HD Plugin or Emulator Web Server

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Create an AZBox HD Plugin or Emulator Web Server

” This is a How to:

* Edit files on the AZ Box HD To include your server.
* What files you need on the server for Downloads to work.

At the moment the current firmware only allows up to 4 Servers in the configuration for the Plugin connections.
– I hope this will change in the future.

Files need to be in linux/unix format. Cases are also case sensitive if they are wrong they wont work!

Windows users: Notepad will not write unix/linux carriage returns , but a program called Metapad will.
Linux Users, just about all text editors are fine, kate or gedit are standard.

FTP to your AZBox and edit a file called /PLUGINS/Plugin.conf

This is an example:

you see my entry – it is live and can be tested to prove it works.

On your webserver, in the directory you just named in the Plugin.conf file create a file called “plugins.lst” – lowercase is important.

Within the file type the name of your plugin without its extension, but note the plugins are named to suit the azbox HD.

Ie. I have created an empty plugin for test purposes, it is called:

Within the plugin.lst file the entry will appear as emptyfile_test and will not he the “.plugin” extension. The plugin.lst file must be terminated with a carriage return.

There you created your own Plugin server for the AZBox HD. Now go ahead and make self installing files.

You can look at other servers setups by downloading there plugins.lst file.

For example type into your browser:

and this will open my test file, other sites are exactly the same.
for example

Plugins themselves are renamed tar files. Inside them the have everything in the folder of the program and include install and delete scripts.

For an example download tuxchess here and rename it with the “.tar” extension.

You can then take a look inside to see how they are packaged.

Now create an emulator server in the same way by creating a file on you server directory called Camd.lst
The contents of this do not loose the extension.

For example contents of mine say:
The file is terminated with a carriage return as well.


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