HOW TO : Dreambox in Internet via GPRS and serial cable

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Dreambox in Internet via GPRS and serial cable

” The pourpose of this guide is to lead you to connect your Dreambox in Internet via GPRS and serial cable, using DBBrothers1.7 Img.

You need:
1. A mobile with integrated GPRS modem (for this guide I used a Sony-Ericsson T610);
2. A serial data cable to connect it to the RS242 port of your DB

Preparing the Dreambox:
First of all, you have to install in flash an image with kernel supportin PPP connection, like SpektrTV (link at the bottom of the page): keep attention that SpektrTV uses squashfs2.0, so you need to install the repacked version fo DBB1.7 (but if you already have it in multiboot, don’t mind and go ahead).

Installation and setup of files on the DBB1.7
Download and unpack the attached ppp.rar and copy the /ppp dir in /etc.
Give correct permission to files with telnet:

~>chmod +x /etc/ppp/*

copy the file gprs_script.sh to /var/bin and give permission:

~>chmod +x /var/bin/gprs_script.sh

Extract and copy pppd and chat from bin.rar to /var/bin and give permissions:

~>chmod +x /var/bin/pppd
~>chmod +x /var/bin/chat

Now that we have all files we need, let’s modify config files.
In /etc/ppp/peers/, modify gprs-mob file inserting your provider name instead of mine (ibox);
in /etc/ppp/chat/, modify gprs-connect-chat file inserting your provider name and telephone number;
edit the chap-secrets and write down your username and passwd (if you have one) but leave the * between them.
Create lock dir:

~>mkdir /var/lock

Now you have to get DNS of your provider (if you already don’t know them): just type followin command:

~>/var/bin/pppd /dev/tts/0 57600 debug connect “/var/bin/chat -v ” AT OK ATD5555555 CONNECT ‘dc’”

(Note that that is doubled apostrophe ‘ after the chat -v, not a single double quote mark “.)
This command accomplishes two things– it tests your modem and that you are able to call and have the modems connect, and it begins the process of figuring out how your ISP wants you to connect. This will not produce a ppp connection, but it should dial your phone, (where 5555555 is to be replaced by your ISP’s phone number).
If everything goes right, you should able to see your DNS addresses (primary and secondary): write down these addresses in /etc/ppp/resolv.conf

Now edit the /var/etc/smartscript.xml file adding these two lines:

<script name=”gprs_start” description=”Start Connection via GPRS” filename=”/var/bin/gprs_script.sh start” osdinfo=”y” showerr=”y” />
<script name=”gprs_stop” description=”Stop Connection via GPRS” filename=”/var/bin/gprs_script.sh stop” osdinfo=”y” showerr=”y” />

It’s time to pass last settings to Enigma:
“menu”–>”settings”–>”advanced settings”–>”communication”: put in Nameserver the primary DNS server and change Gateway to
Save and quit.

Finally, open the control panel (double blue click), select Smartscript and launch gprs_connect: good luck…

To disconnect (just in case), gprs_stop in Smartscript. ”



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