HOW TO : For CCcam 2.2.1in E2 for AZbox HD

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How To For CCcam 2.2.1in E2 for AZbox HD

” install cccam in E2 azbox

As i saw many users witk many doubths i’ll keep here again repeating som post here in satp but anyway could be easier for some guys

1-this is cccam 221 version and its very easy to install it inside E2.

2-extrat the files

3-with dcc or another one ftp software copy the files inside the folders to the same folders in azbox(not the folders just the files inside)

4-give them attributes 755

5-now in azbox put your c,n lines whatever and restart the azbox

6-now go to menu-cam-maneger and choose cccam 221 and green button and go!!!enjoy it ”

cccam 221.rar (434.61 KB)


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