How to >>>> FTP – a beginners guide

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FTP – a beginners guide

” Introduction

This guide will show you how to transfer ke*s from your PC to your Dreambox but can be used to transfer any files from one computer to another. FTP can also be used to control the permissions of those files (read write execute).

For this example I will be using Ipswitch WS-FTP Pro. The screens may differ to your FTP program but the principles are the same.

A deeper explanation of the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is beyond the scope of this guide – please use Google if you require more information.


Open your FTP program and create a new connection. Enter the details of your Dreambox:

Hostname: your Dreambox IP address
user: root
password: dreambox

set other options as required.

The first attachment shows satan keys ready to be uploaded to a Dreambox. The left pane is the PC, the right pane is the Dreambox. You will need to navigate to the correct folders using the dropdowns at the top of the page.

In this example the files on the PC are in c:dreambozsatanvarkeys


To upload the files from the PC to the Dreambox expand the folders until you see the files, as shown in the second attachment.

The PC pane will show


and the Dreambox pane will show


Now select the files in the left pane that you want to upload and then either drag them to the right pane or click the RIGHT arrow.

Confirm any “do you want to overwite files?” pop-ups as required.

Setting File Permissions

It is possible to use many FTP programs to set file permissions. These permissions are read, write and execute.

In WS-FTP Pro, to change a file permisison right click the file and select properties

Now tick the required permissions as shown in the third attachment. In this example the permission have been set to read write execute (755 in octal).

It is also possible to set permission using a telnet session. If you’re really keen you can also open up an FTP session from the command prompt.

Optional Steps

If you have uploaded ke*s to your Dreambox you may need to restart the emu (e.g. in Gemini Menu > 6 > Blue Panel> start/ restart cam). ”

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A lot of freezes and glitches in allsky packages I"m Desapointed!

A lot of freezes and glitches in allsky packages I"m Desapointed!

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