Installing the USB stick pikony

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How installing the USB stick pikony

USB flash drive format the FAT32 file system, create the ftp directory called Picon and copy into it all pikony.

To pikony was seen in all this skin to make a symbolic link in / usr/share/enigma2 / directory of pikony.

To do this, run the telnet program such as DCC E2 1.20 and send the command:

ln-s / media / SDX1 / Picon / usr/share/enigma2 /

in place of SDX1 type in the location in which the stick is mounted it eg sda1, sdb1, and sdc1. The location is easy to check the ftp program such as Filezilla

If you previously installed Barry Allen, the stick is mounted it in / media/sdb1 and there should be a folder called Picon.

Command for sdb1 is as follows:

ln-s / media/sdb1/picon / usr/share/enigma2 /

If the image started to multiboot, the directory Picon found in / media / ba. In this case, remove the sublink / usr/share/enigma2/picon and we send telnet command:

ln-s / media / ba / Picon / usr/share/enigma2 /


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