Mag IPTV BOXES supported Adapters & Configuring a Wi-Fi connection

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Supports Wi-Fi adapters

STB MAG-200/245/250/254/255/270/275 supports the following Wi-Fi adapters:

Model Chipset Revision/Notes
ASUS USBN13 Ralink RT3072 revision B1 is not supported %ASUS USBN13
DLink DWA125 Ralink RT3070
Ralink RT5370
H/W Ver.: A1, A2
(A3 – after release 0.2.12)
%DLink DWA125
DLink DWA125 Ralink RT5370 H/W Ver B1 – beginning with version 0.2.16.b2 %DLink DWA125 B1
D-Link DWA-160 Wireless N Dualband (2.4GHz, 5GHz) USB Mini Adapter HW ver. B2 Ralink RT5572 HW ver. B2 – beginning with version 0.2.16.b2 %Dlink DWA160
Edimax EW-7711UAN Ralink RT3070 %Edimax EW-7711UAN
Edimax EW-7733UnD 450Mbps Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n Dual-Band USB Adapter beginning with version 0.2.16.b2 %Edimax EW-7733UnD
Tenda W311MI Ralink RT5370 after release 0.2.12 %Tenda W311MI
TPLINK TLWN727N Ralink RT3070 after release 0.2.12
H/W Ver.:v4 – not supported!
Dune HD Air Ralink RT3070 after release 0.2.12 %Dune HD Air
CISCO Linksys WUSB600N Wireless N Dualband (2.4GHz, 5GHz) USB Mini Adapter beginning with version 0.2.16.b2 %Linksys WUSB600N
LogiLink WL-0145 Wireless N 150Mbps USB Adapter Ralink RT5370 %LogiLink WL-0145
AuraHD air/AuraHD air nano Ralink RT5370 after release 0.2.12 AuraHD airAuraHD air nano

The order of installation / connection of devices

The STB supports hot-plugging for USB devices. Before connecting the device, you must first configure the settings menu STB.

After configuration, connect the Wi-Fi adapter into an available USB connector. After a while (20-30 seconds) the device is ready to work. Device status can be checked on the tab “Network INFO”.

Supported authentication/encryption methods

ASUS USB‐N13, D‐Link DWA‐125, Edimax EW‐7711UAN, TP‐LINK TL‐WN727N, Dune HD Air, Tenda 150Mbps Wireless N Pico USB AdapterW311MI
Open system / none +
Open / wep64 +
Open / wep128 +
Shared / wep64 +
Shared / wep128 +

Environment Variables

wifi_int_ip Specifies the IP address to be assigned to a wireless network interface. If the specified «», then use the auto configuration of network settings (receive from the DHCP server)
wifi_int_mask Network mask
wifi_int_gw Gateway
wifi_int_dns DNS server address
wifi_ssid Network Group (SSID)
wifi_auth Authentication method «open», «shared», «wep_auto», «wpapsk», «wpa2psk»
wifi_enc Method of encrypting traffic «none», «wep», «wep64»(deprecated), «wep128»(deprecated), «tkip», «aes»
wifi_wep_def_key The default key for the encryption mode WEP64 и WEP128
wifi_wep_key1, wifi_wep_key2, wifi_wep_key3, wifi_wep_key4 4 keys to set the encryption mode for WEP64 and WEP128

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