Telnet backup image of Meoboot

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VU + How Telnet backup image of Meoboot

We join the telnet interface with vu and type something like

 mkdir / media / usb / Kopie_img

– Creates a usb catalog with our backups then we backup our img from Meoboot

 tar-czf / media / usb / Kopie_img / AAF.tar.gz / media/usb/MbootM/aaf-2.0

That’s what the yellow can be changed to your copy name What is green must be precise name of the packaged directory / media / usb / MbootM it takes three minutes (do not copy img the active image)
Restoring image takes about 1 minute (‘ll save yourself time to re-upload and configuration) We restore image command telnet

 tar-xzvf / media / usb / Kopie_img / AAF.tar.gz-C 

what green image must be the name of our directory / media / usb / Kopie_img

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