Welcome to Satarabia.com. We maintain this Web site as a service to its visitors. By using this Web site, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, you have no right to obtain information from Satarabia.com or otherwise use this Web site service.

Terms of use:

– You can request a test by emailing us before buying an account.
– Detecting a double login of your account will result in suspension with no refund.
– Detecting Re-share of your account will result in suspension with no refund.
– Login data sent after payment should be confirmed immediately.
– After you make a payment, email us to send your login data. We will respond within 24-48 hours.

Caution: If any package stops working suddenly on Cardsharing, we are not responsible. However, we do our best to get it working again as fast as we can.

Satarabia TV

Terms of use:

-Private Home Viewing Only
Satarabia TV provides services to you solely for viewing, use and enjoyment in your private home. You agree that no services provided to you will be used or viewed in areas open to the public, commercial establishments or other residential locations.
Services may not be rebroadcast or performed, and admission may not be charged for listening to, using or viewing any services.
If your services are used or viewed in an area open to the public, a commercial establishment or another residential location, we may disconnect your services with no refund.

-Programming Restrictions
Certain services, including without limitation, some subscription services, sporting events and broadcast network Services, may be blacked out in your viewing area.

-Minimum Programming Levels
Satarabia TV reserves the right to require and/or change minimum programming requirements at any time. For example, and without limitation, Satarabia TV may require a minimum commitment term, and Satarabia TV may require you to subscribe to certain programming packages in order to receive additional services.

-Changes in Services Offered
We may add, delete, rearrange, alter, interrupt, change and/or eliminate any and all programming, programming packages and/or other services that we offer, as well as the prices and fees related to such programming, programming packages and/or other services that we offer, at any time and from time to time, including without limitation during any term commitment period to which you have agreed.

Refund Policy:

– We don’t offer refund you can buy one month for testing purpose before you buy.
– No Cancellation fees.


Last Update 05/02/2016