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HOW TO : Auto-mount internal HDD with E2 image

To automatically mount your Premium internal HDD please: Edit file: Code: /etc/fstab with an editor valid for Linux/Unix (so please don’t use Windows Notepad but you can use Notepad++). and replace the line: Code: /dev/sda1 /media/hdd auto defaults 0 0

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HOW TO : record an external HDD + Dreambox 800

1 >>>- Buy an e-SATA disc, more or less 300Gb ; 500 Gb It could be 2,5″ or 3,5″ 2 >>> – Buy a box, like Conceptronics USB 2.0 /eSATA, .If it is 3,5″ the ref: is CHD3UES and it

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